Inquiry Circles Meeting Notes, August 12, 2010

10th Literature/Composition


1. Include the first names and last initials only of each group member; indicate if anyone was absent by putting (a) after their name.

Susie H.
Tom W. (a)
Cameron T.

2. Include the class period.
3. Please publish your meeting notes as a Google Document; then include the link to your notes.
4. Place a gray dividing bar between you and the next group.
5. Ask Ms. Hamilton for help if you get stuck!

Justin P.
Chandler H.
Austin D.

Emily H.
Lauren M.
Alexandra C.
Chandler H.(wasn't part of group yet)
4th period

Sloan A.
Victoria B.
Meghan G.
Shauntae P.
4th period

Emily M.
Hannah R.
Ashley P.
Catie B.
4th Period

7th Period

Please input your information into the Google Form; Ms. Hamilton will publish as a document this week.